Quality Over Quantity

We Get It Right The First Time

At Maxon Paving and Sealcoat LLC the first thing our team does is thoroughly assess your needs. We understand that every parking lot comes with its own unique needs and areas of concern.

We can handle many specific concerns including sidewalk repair, curb and gutter work, driveways, and ADA compliant ramps. Let us help you eliminate hazards and improve the aesthetic appeal of your property. We treat every job with the same attention to detail and care that we would if the property was our own.

Sealcoating 101

Explore Your Options With Us

Asphalt sealing is the foundation of our business, and we have decades of experience. Our team is expert at minimizing the inconveniences of the process. We use a high-quality sealer and understand how to apply it to maximize the lifespan of your seal.

At Maxon Paving and Sealcoat, we are proactive rather than reactive. We recommend sealcoating within a year of new paving to establish an appropriate beginning to the lifecycle maintenance of your parking areas. Don’t wait to seal until after damage to your asphalt has already begun.

When seal coating, preparation and application method are critical. Our standard application method is to buggy the first coat and then spray the second. This method is proven to be the most effective at ensuring the seal and providing long-lasting results.


Professional Prep Work

With an Eye for Details

Asphalt has to be free of dirt, oil, plant growth and other contaminants prior to beginning the sealing process.

Maxon professionally cleans and prepares your property prior to beginning the sealing process. Our every action is designed to extend the life of your asphalt and protect it from water, sun, and fluids left by vehicle traffic. Our job is to make your parking lots look new again and to keep them that way for as long as possible.