“That is so awesome, thank you so much for getting that done.”

Striping an Artificial Soccer Field

Many projects that come to Maxon Paving are through personal referrals and marketing. Driftwood Apartments in Kent, Wa informed us of a project near us that involved an artificial soccer field that needed striping. Maxon was able to help complete the project on time and with professionally straight lines. 

The soccer field presented challenges in the way that regulation dimensions needed to be scaled, as well as the problem of using a latex based paint. After careful planning, we were able to successfully carry out the work on June  18th, 2018.   

High-Quality Work

In this picture, the completed field is ready to play on. We take pride in the work that we were able to accomplish at Driftwood and have given ourselves a standard of excellence in taking projects from beginning to the end.  

Maxon Paving is ready for any job when it comes to asphalt, and now we have expanded our reach into being able to help another industry in striping artificial soccer fields. 

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-Matthew Parsons

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